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Diamond: 1.5 Carat
GIA Certified
Color: D
Clarity: VVS
Cut: Round Brilliant
Platinum 4 prong setting

Frequently Asked Questions about Selling Diamond Jewelry

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How To Value Your Diamond Jewelry

Family heirlooms can come in a variety of different styles, whether it is an old diamond engagement ring, vintage estate jewelry or loose diamonds. All can be sold, but prior to taking your estate jewelry just anywhere, you want to determine what the value of your diamond jewelry is. You can do a little bit of research on your own prior to taking your jewelry to an appraiser. The more that you know about the jewelry prior to having it appraised, your chances will be better that it will appraise for a higher price.

The first thing you want to consider is the physical condition of the jewelry. This is especially important for estate jewelry, but also applies to diamond jewelry and loose diamonds. Jewelry that is well cared for is more valuable, although the pieces do not have to look brand new. Missing parts, black, cloudy or discolored stones, whether diamonds or gemstones, will reduce the value of the jewelry.

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Poor workmanship in the construction of the jewelry will also reduce the value of the jewelry. If your jewelry appears to be vintage without completely showing its age and has only a little wear with excellent workmanship, you have a top quality piece of jewelry that will bring top dollar. If you know the brand name or designer of a certain piece, you can always research their jewelry online and see what similar pieces are selling for as well. Names such as Tiffany and Cartier are likely to bring a higher price than those pieces where the designer is unknown.

Determining the diamond value of loose diamonds is achieved differently. The diamond prices of loose diamonds are determined differently than pieces of diamond jewelry or estate jewelry. Loose diamonds are a precious commodity and their value is determined on the "4 C's." These are carat, cut, color and clarity. It also helps the diamond's value if the diamonds have a GIA certificate with them as well. In most situations, carat is going to have a higher determination on diamond prices, but the cut, clarity and color of the diamonds will have an effect on the price as well.

When you're looking to sell diamond jewelry, it's important to realize that your local market will have an effect on diamond values and diamond prices as well. Because of this, it is often in your best interest to look towards larger diamond markets where a higher price is being received on diamonds and diamond jewelry. The New York Diamond Exchange is right in the heart of the New York City diamond market and are able to offer the highest fair market value prices to individuals looking to sell their estate jewelry, diamond jewelry and even loose diamonds.

For help with selling your diamond jewelry, contact the diamond jewelry experts at New York Diamond Exchange.

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