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Diamond: 1.5 Carat
GIA Certified
Color: D
Clarity: VVS
Cut: Round Brilliant
Platinum 4 prong setting

About Diamond Certification - GIA Certified

What is a diamond Certificate?

A Certificate is a printed report based on a gemological analysis of a specific diamond, prepared by an independent grading laboratory employing trained and certified gemologists.

What should a diamond Certificate tell you?

The Certificate should state the diamonds color, clarity, cut, carat weight (4C's). It should describe the diamonds shape, measurements, table and depth percentages. It should grade the polish and symmetry. It should also make any comments about any other noteworthy gemological characteristics such as fluorescence, graining etc.

Why should I buy a Certified diamond?

You should buy a Certified diamond because the unique features that set each diamond apart from all other diamonds, are described in the diamond grading Certificate. The Certificate helps provide the buyer with the necessary assurances of authenticity and quality of their diamond. The Certificate always protects the educated buyer, and if you buy from the NEW YORK DIAMOND EXCHANGE, it helps us to sell you the diamond you've selected. Why? Nydex is happy when our customers ask for Certified diamonds because the buyer, who is probably not an expert, is then able to compare objectively using the Certificate, the 4C's, and the NYDEX price to decide who's giving the best buy. And that's to NYDEX's advantage.

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