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Diamond: 1.5 Carat
GIA Certified
Color: D
Clarity: VVS
Cut: Round Brilliant
Platinum 4 prong setting

Frequently Asked Questions about Selling Diamond Jewelry

Selling Your Diamond Jewelry Online Can I Sell My Diamond Jewelry Online?
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What is my diamond jewelry worth? How To Value Your Diamond
What is my diamond jewelry worth? Determine Diamond Price
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Waht if I don't live in the NY area> Are You Thinking about Selling Your Diamond Jewelry and Wonder What Your    Diamond Value Is?

Are You Thinking about Selling Your Diamond Jewelry and Wonder What Your Diamond Value Is?

Diamonds may be forever, but it's not uncommon for someone to decide to sell their diamond jewelry. There are a variety of reasons that you may choose to sell diamond jewelry, whether it is to relieve yourself of old memories from a relationship gone bad or simply because you're going to upgrade to something bigger or better. However, most people find themselves wondering what their diamond value is on the jewelry they wish to sell.

Diamond prices can vary depending on your location as well as the brand of your jewelry. These factors can often cause a large fluctuation in diamond prices depending on where you are trying to sell your diamonds. If you're able to sell in a more demanding market, you are often able to receive more for your diamonds.

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The best way to determine a diamond's worth is to have the diamond jewelry appraised. This is important, as it will tell you how your diamond's value and will give you a basis for what you should sell your jewelry for. An appraiser will inspect the jewelry and examine the diamonds within the jewelry. There are several observations and procedures that the appraiser will utilize to come up with their final value. Once the appraisal is completed, it is often a good idea to have an appraiser provide you with a written report of the value.

If you are interested in selling your diamond jewelry, or even loose diamonds, the New York Diamond Exchange can assist you. Begin by setting an appointment at the office in New York City. During your initial phone conversation, we will provide you with an estimate based on the information you are able to provide about your jewelry, such as what brand it is. Brands such as Tiffany and Cartier tend to hold their diamond value quite well and diamond prices for these pieces of jewelry tend to be quite substantial. After the initial discussion about your jewelry, you with then be invited to bring the diamond jewelry to us for an in-person evaluation.

Because the New York jewelry market is easily accessed, New York Diamond Exchange is able to offer the highest possible market value for diamond jewelry and gemstones. When jewelers appraise jewelry, they must take into account how easy it will be for them to sell the jewelry themselves. Because of our close proximity to the New York jewelry market, we are able to offer a higher price than other jewelers.

For help with selling your diamond jewelry, contact the diamond jewelry experts at New York Diamond Exchange.

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